Iron Boy Promotions Features Rising Contender Francisco C. “Panchito” De Vaca


By ERIC ANDERSONSpecial to IRON BOY PROMOTIONS  |  Photo Credit: Twin Flames Images 

Results from Iron Boy 23 fight card on Saturday July 25, 2015 from Phoenix, Arizona.

Francisco C. (Panchito) De Vaca Decision W6 Jose Silveira
Featherweight Division
Scores: 60-54 Unanimously
Records: De Vaca (12-0, 4 KO’s) Silveira (15-15, 6 KO’s)

Eric’s Take:

Iron Boy Promotions & Promoter Robert Vargas held Iron Boy 23 at The Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday July 25th featuring fighters from all over the country & Mexico. The Main Event had Phoenix based fighter Francisco C. (Panchito) De Vaca matched up against a tough veteran Jose Silveira who made the trip from Meridia, Yukatan. De Vaca, affectionately known to the Phoenix based boxing fans as Panchito, originally hails from Michoacan, de Ocampo, Mexico. Panchito was selected for the main event for obvious reasons in that he started the evening with an unblemished record of 11-0 (4 KO’s). Panchito has reached the point of his career where he is considered a promising prospect with potential title shot implications here in the future. This match up against a veteran fighter in Silveira is exactly the kind of fights Panchito needs for the experience as he moves his career forward in securing higher profile fights. The fight was controlled from the 1st bell through the last bell in the 6th round by Panchito. Panchito featured a very good left jab which he used to get off combinations to the head & body of Silveria. Panchito has clearly worked on his defense in the gym as Silveira had trouble all night finding Panchito with any meaningful punches. Silveira continued to move forward throughout the fight but the ring generalship & movement from Panchito kept Silveira off balance all night. Panchito was able to get off combination off that good left jab that included some good body shots particularly with the left hand to the liver. Panchito came away with another win to run his record to 12-0 with 4 ko’s. One noticeable difference in this fight from Panchito is that he has found himself in unnecessary wars in the past to where Saturday night it appeared that Panchito was able to dictate his spots to go inside & trade big punches. With the win it just continues the development of De Vaca & puts Promoter Robert Vargas in position to begin matching Panchito in more high profile fights. The future certainly is promising for Panchito & the boxing fans in Phoenix, Arizona are excited for what’s next for their young contending star. You can see the livestream of the fight card at


Danny Valdivia TKO1 Wilfredo Acuna
Junior Middleweight Division
Records: Valdivia (8-0, 6 KO’s) Acuna (15-17, 12 KO’s)

Eric’s Take:

In the Co-Main Event Iron Boy Promotions featured California based prospect Danny Valdivia & matched him against another tough veteran fighter Wilfredo Acuna out of Nicaragua. The trip did not turn out well for Acuna as Valdivia proved why he is considered the prospect & validated Promoter Robert Vargas choice in placing him on the card as the Co-Main Event. Valdivia made short work of this fight as he came out as the aggressor & pressured Acuna from the outset. Valdivia landed a big right hand & followed with a nice left hook to the body to score a quick knockdown that Acuna was able to survive gamely in getting back to his feet. At this point it appeared to be academic of what the outcome would be as Acuna was on the defensive & not firing back. Valdivia closed in & landed another big right hand that sent Acuna back to the canvass leading referee Chris Flores to put a halt to the fight at 1:29 of the 1st round. Valdivia ran his record to 8-0 with 6 knockouts & makes him an interesting prospect as a crowd pleasing fighter due to his power potential.


Carlos Castro TKO4 Cesar Garcia
Featherweight Division
Records: Castro (11-0, 5 KO’s) Garcia (11-18, 5 KO’s, 1 Draw)

Eric’s Take:

This fight was a treat for the Phoenix boxing fan base as Carlos Castro fighting in front of the home town fans did not disappoint. Castro was taking on a tough & game Cesar Garcia from Ensenada, Baja Cali. Castro came out in the 1st round using a stiff left jab with Garcia initially trying to pressure Castro. The jab from Castro seemed to detour Garcia’s plan to pressure as Castro began landing power shots behind that jab. Castro then threw a powerful right hand that looked like it opened up a small cut on Garcia’s right eye. Both fighters’ complained of head butts in the initial round. The referee Wes Melton dictated that the cut was actually caused by a head butt. Castro carried that 1st round & when the 2nd round began you could see Garcia was far less ambitious in pressuring Castro. The lead right hands began to send Garcia to the ropes where Castro was able to pound away with both hands to the head & body. The 3rd round began with much of the same except Castro hand found a right upper cut that began to land with precision. By the end of the 3rd round Garcia had a cut open on his left eye which prompted the fight doctor to check them out. Castro was dominating the fight as the 4th round began & it visible appeared that Garcia didn’t have much left & wanted out of the fight with both eyes bleeding at this point. Castro landed a crushing combination with a big left hook that brought Wes Melton to halt to the fight with the end result being a 4th round TKO. Castro claimed his 5th knockout while running his record overall to 11-0. Castro has become a crowd pleasing fighter in Phoenix, Arizona & we look forward to what Iron Boy Promoter Robert Vargas has in store for him in his next fight.


Joey Ruelas W6 Hector Mercado
Middleweight Division
Scores: 60-54 Unanimously
Records: Ruelas (10-1, 4 KO’s, 1 Draw) Mercado (2-5, 0 KO’s)

Eric’s Take:

This middleweight attraction featured a popular Phoenix fighter in Joey Ruelas who took on Hector Mercado from Veracruz, Mexico. Ruelas could be described as a boxer brawler puncher even though there are only 4 knockouts on his record. Ruelas controlled the fight with his aggression & had Mercado backing up throughout the fight. Ruelas fights as a southpaw & Mercado didn’t seem to quite be able to figure him out as he landed some punches but nothing that could detour Ruelas from pressuring. Ruelas was able to land lead right hands & did a great job mixing his attack from the head to the body. It appeared a sharp left hook to the liver in the 3rd round hurt Mercado & seemed to slow him to the end of the fight. Ruelas is a good prospect but time is ticking as he is now 33 years of age in which find most fighters on the later part of their careers. The win ran Ruelas record to 10-1 with one draw & 4 knockouts.


Edward Ceballos W4 Misael Chacon
Junior Lightweight Division
Scores: 40-36 Unanimously
Records: Ceballos – Pro Debut (1-0, 0 KO’s) Chacon (1-9, 0 KO’s)

Eric’s Take:

Edward Ceballos made his pro debut in professional boxing Saturday night on the Iron Boy 23 card taking on Misael Chacon who is from the Phoenix area as well. Ceballos was able to make it a successful debut in winning all four rounds on the judges’ scorecards. Chacon showed allot of fight but just didn’t have the skill set to match Ceballos. The jab & combination punching from Ceballos was the difference. The ring movement made mounting an offense difficult for Chacon to land any meaningful punches. Ceballos is a southpaw with allot of ambition. Hopefully we will see him on another card in the near future.


Carlos Castillo TKO4 Danny Montoya
Junior Welterweight Division
Records: Castillo (3-0, 3 KO’s) Montoya (1-1, 0 KO’s)

Eric’s Take:

This fight on the undercard was one of the most entertaining fights of the evening as it went back & forth from round one to the TKO stoppage @ 2:19 of the fourth & final round. Carlos Castillo from Tucson, Arizona fought a game Danny Montoya from Eloy, Arizona. The 1st round was an action packed round with both fighters landing effectively with power shots as they began the fight nose to nose in the center of the ring. The 1st round ended with Montoya landing a good left hook that lead me to score that round for Montoya. The 2nd round began with both fighters moving. This was another very close round that appeared to be in Montoya’s favor as he landed more shots. Castillo seemed to be landing the heavier shots but Montoya continued his attack throughout the round. By the 3rd round you could see that both fighters were wearing down a bit already. The 3rd round both fighters continued to trade big punches with Montoya landing a hard lead right hand followed by a left hook to the body sending Castillo to the canvass for the first knockdown of the fight. With the 4th round beginning it appeared that Montoya had a large enough lead by scoring the knockdown & getting a 10-8 round in the third round that he just needed to finish the fight to secure the victory. Unfortunately for Montoya Castillo had other ideas & came out in the fourth round on a mission. To compound the problems for Montoya it appeared that he had ran out of gas & was the more tired fighter of the two. Castillo pressured & eventually pinned Montoya along the ropes. Castillo landed some heavy shots with the right & left hands that left Montoya looking defenseless. That led to Wes Melton to step in & stop the fight. Castillo with the KO now has 3 win all by knockout.


Emilio Garcia Majority Draw Victor Cobain
Junior Lightweight Division
Scores: 38-38 Twice – 39-37 Cobain
Records: Garcia (9-1, 2 KO’s, 2 Draws) Cobain – Pro Debut (0-0, 0 KO’s, 1 Draw)

Eric’s Take:

Emilio Garcia and Victor Cobain both from Phoenix, Arizona met in a Junior Lightweight undercard fight that most expected Garcia to win due to his experience in having 11 pro fights. That didn’t happen as the fight was highly contested as both fighters displayed a good skill set. Garcia was the stalker for the most part but Cobain showed great lateral movement that seemed to frustrate Garcia at times throughout the fight. The draw was disappointing for Garcia as he is looking to move up the ranks & get more meaningful fights in the future. As for Cobain he proved he has some skill & competent to be a professional fighter. I think a rematch would be warranted between the two fighters.


Bernardo Marquez W4 Daniel Arambula
Heavyweight Division
Records: Marquez (3-0, 1 KO, 1 Draw) Arambula (3-1, 1 KO)

Eric’s Take:

Iron Boy 23 had one heavyweight fight on the card for the evening & it matched Bernardo Marquez from Mexicali, Baja Cali against Daniel Arambula who made the trip from Jalisco, Mexico. Marquez came out in the first round & was the aggressor. Arambula was back peddling most of the first round but seemed to be effective with a good left jab. Arambula did land some good over hand rights in the first round which is the only round two of the three judges found to score for Arambula. The second round started the same way with Marquez pressuring & landing the more effective punches. Marquez pinned Arambula on the ropes multiple times. The next two rounds were basically the same as Marquez stalked Arambula with Arambula trying to move out of harm’s way. The win for Marquez does keep him undefeated at 3-0 with 1 knockout & 1 draw to his credit.